Obtain Dominica 1st as your second passport and second nationality to become able to travel without visa to 100 countries, live and work in UK easily, do business without paying tax, no forced army and military service, freedom to do business with the whole world, with no limits, with security and privacy

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Get your second citizenship and enjoy visa free travel quickly at Dominica 1st

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this page carefully before E-Mailing a question or making a phone call. You probably find the answer to most of your questions here. Please note: The content of this page maybe outdated. Please seek advice with the official website or other resources. This contents are merely kept here for archive and reference. No actual application is being accepted.


Is there any restriction for nationals of other countries to apply?
According to the recent changes, all nationals of the below listed countries are no longer able to apply for Dominica Citizenship:
- Afghanistan
- Iraq
- Saudi Arabia
- Chechnya
- Somalia
- Yemen
- North Korea
- Pakistan
- Sudan
- Our office is not accepting Iranian applicants as a matter of preference
We are therefore not accepting multi-nationals, whom one if their nationalities is fallen in the above list of countries.
This regulation is not negotiable.


Why does Economic Citizenship Program exist?
Programs of granting citizenship (and passport) in exchange of the investments exist in many countries, such as in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Ireland, Great Britain, and Dominica.
The program is set to fund governments to approach national projects. Dominica is also needs it to increase its budget to develop infrastructures for tourism, agriculture, etc.


Is this program legal?
The program is absolutely legal. The Citizenship Program of the Commonwealth of Dominica was established by an Act of Parliament of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Citizenship Act, Chapter 1:10, Section 8 (2) (e). Under the Act the Minister is allowed to waive the residency requirement for persons investing in Dominica. The investment requirements have been established by the Government.


What is the difference between obtaining residency permit and citizenship?
There are fundamental differences between residency permit (migration) and granting citizenship (naturalization).
Residency permits are often time limited and you need to maintain several conditions to keep them valid.
Under residency permission, you will have limited right to live, involvement, business and travel and most of the most of the citizen rights are applicable to you.
However, as a citizen (or national) you have every single right whoever else has by decent or birth. You are no longer limited in time and place, or business and travel or involvement. You may even consider very high level positions such as country president.
Residency Permits are often expiring if you are out of country for more than 6 months, when citizenship is forever, transferring to your children and their children.
In some countries where staying for a specific time is required to apply for citizenship, this process takes several years. Such as in UK it takes 5 years at least (without leaving country for more than one third of the stay and not more than 9 month on last year) and without having any police record.
In Canada, for instance it is 2 years before migration and 4 years after and in Austria it is 25 years. In UAE (United Arab Emirates) the residency permit is only valid for 3 years and you need to renew it every three years forever by spending a vast amount of money. In many European countries, it is on yearly base and the permission needs to renew annually.
During these years, you need to stay and spend a lot in these countries and maintain no police records, while with Dominica 1st you apply for citizenship (naturalization) from the very beginning and between 4 month to a year time at most, you will obtain your Citizenship Certificate and Passport, once forever.


Do I need to reside/live in Dominica?
No. You neither need to stay in Dominica before your application is made, nor after the citizenship and the passport are granted. You can continue to live wherever you like.


How much tax should I pay?
Dominica is tax haven and your Dominica citizenship is your key to preserve your wealth. There are no capital gains, gift, wealth and inheritance taxes. There is also no tax for any income from outside of the Dominica’s borders.


Can I open bank account or get a credit?
Of course, you can. You are free to deal with whatever bank you like. Obviously, banks have their own regulations, which might be applicable to you.


Can I buy or sell properties in Dominica?
Of course, you can. You are free to deal with whatever bank you like. Obviously, banks have their own regulations, which might be applicable to you.


Can I buy or sell properties in Dominica?
Yes. As a legal citizen of the country, you may lawfully buy, lease or sell whatever you choose, as long as it is not against law.


Can I, or my children study in Dominica?
You are a legal citizen of Dominica. You and your family have every right that every other Dominican citizen has. Including education rights.


Can I travel back to my previous country?
There is no restriction of where you choose to live or travel. You may travel with your previous passport or your new nationality and Dominica passport. (Please check your country regulations.)
Dominica won’t report your new nationality to your previous country. If you travel with your Dominica passport, then you are protected as a Dominican citizen abroad. Otherwise, if you use your previous passport, you may be under regulations for that country’s citizens.


Will this citizenship/passport expire?
You and your family will be permanent citizens of Dominica forever. The passport itself (as a document) is set to be renewed every ten (10) years for USD45.


Why it is important to apply through you?
- Years of successful experience and full knowledge of all requirements by officials.
- Your application is being prepared perfectly right under our skillful supervision.
- Our high-skill, well experienced lawyers are locally reside in Dominica to follow up the cases and quickly respond to officials.
- Much faster follow up and quicker results as we are following every case manually and locally.
- Priceless advices and assistance during the production of the documents.
- Organizing and assisting you through your travel and stay for interview.
- Introduction and preparing you for a successful interview before and during the interview.
- After citizenship services.


What services are you providing after obtaining the citizenship and passport?
After citizenship, we can assist you to set up your business, forming your company, opening your bank account and assisting you to obtain driving license.


Is my fund refundable?
You will pay in three installments. First two payments are being spent for service fees, stamps, postages and other professional charges so these two are non-refundable.
However, your last payment is refundable only if you are getting rejected, otherwise, if you obtain the citizenship, that won’t be refundable.


What are the visa-free countries for nationals of Dominica?
There are many countries, which you can travel visa-free, including UK and UAE and a quite few European countries. Check the list here.
For northern American countries (i.e. USA and Canada), and Schengen the visa processing is very quick and can be done from across the world.


Can I work in UK?
Yes. For the first two years, you may freely work or seek job in United Kingdom. After two years, you may apply for a work permit easily based on your own business or on your employer’s request all over the UK.
(Permit free working is only available for main-land British Citizens and EU members.)


How long does it take to get the passport?
On normal application, it takes 12 to 18 months. On Urgent request, it is taking about 7 months. To obtain more detailed information on cost and duration, please click here.


How much do I need for new nationality and passport?
To obtain more detailed information on cost and duration, please click here.


Can I contact Dominica’s Embassies or officials directly and apply through them?
No. Dominica government assigned agents and applications for Dominica Economic Citizenship are only possible via agents. Even in USA and UK the case is the same: a commercial company called VFS Global is processing the visa applications.


I do not know English. Can I still succeed?
Yes. You may choose to have one of our certified interpreter available to you on the interview session. We will help you to learn a few useful sentences anyway.


I do not have any passport at the moment. Can I obtain Dominica 1st?
We consider these cases independently and individually. As a general rule, you need to attend the interview and if you need to travel to another country for that, then you most probably require a passport.
However, you better to contact us and we will consider your case carefully and helpfully.


Is there any guarantee that I am obtaining my citizenship and passport?
Theoretically No. But our successful experience over the years is our reliable support. Our very highly skilled lawyers in UK, UAE, USA and Dominica are directing your application as best as it could go. Therefore, if you don’t have any of these issues, we will get you through smoothly, most probably.
If you provide false document, or have a serious criminal history, or any issue with Interpol there are high risks of rejection. Once false information will be discovered, they possibly could be ground for prosecution even after citizenship is granted.
If your application is refused, your final payment will be returned.


I intend and consider to migrate to another country. How can you help?
We cannot help at all! As an agent for Dominica, we are not providing any other services for any other country.


I don’t have the required amount available to me. Can I apply under another category? Is there any alternative?
No. This is Economic Citizenship program and by law, it requires you to fulfill financial requirements.


I am under 25 years old. How can I apply?
You cannot apply individually. Your parents can apply under family class and you will get citizenship as well as passport along them.


Can I seek asylum in Dominica?
No. There is no such a thing in Dominica. Once you introduce yourself as asylum seeker you will be arrested and directed to airport to remove from country to the destination of your choice.


I am a VIP/ I have clever ideas/I am a very high-educated person/I am genius/Artist/etc. Can I pay less?
Although we appreciate that, but this is Economic Citizenship program and it requires you to fulfill financial requirements by law, as anyone else does.


What if I marry after I got citizenship?
If you become a single MALE Dominican citizen and you marry under Dominica’s law, your wife will then can apply for a citizenship without investment requirement.
However, this is only valid for males. If you are a Dominican FEMALE your husband won’t be eligible to apply for citizenship based on the marriage.


Where is the interview venue?
Mainly Roseau in Dominica. But there are currently several places for the interview which your immigration officer may choose with his discretion based on different factors, subject to additional payments to the government. This would be the government decision and we cannot guarantee the answer.