Obtain Dominica 1st as your second passport and second nationality to become able to travel without visa to 100 countries, live and work in UK easily, do business without paying tax, no forced army and military service, freedom to do business with the whole world, with no limits, with security and privacy

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Get your second citizenship and enjoy visa free travel quickly at Dominica Passport

Why second passport?

Why Dominica?

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Why is it important to apply for second citizenship and second passport through us?


It is important to apply for second citizenship and second passport with Dominica 1st, because:

  • We got extraordinary efficient system and highly skilled lawyers and set of professional advisors, who are taking care of your applications and getting you through the whole process, hassle-free.
  • We reduce the cost of telecommunication and unnecessary travels back and forth.
  • We present an application free from mistakes and speed up the process
  • We assist you on money transfer issues in addition of making payments easier for you.
  • We do all the paper works for you such as notarizing and court issues.
  • Our resident highly skilled and fully experienced lawyers are locally following up the application and immediately responding to the officials queries for and on your behalf.
  • Not to get a refusal from the Government of Dominica.
  • Speed up your application process and passport issues as result of local follow up.
  • To get support and consultations after your obtaining the citizenship and your passport.