Obtain Dominica 1st as your second passport and second nationality to become able to travel without visa to 100 countries, live and work in UK easily, do business without paying tax, no forced army and military service, freedom to do business with the whole world, with no limits, with security and privacy

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Get your second citizenship and enjoy visa free travel quickly at Dominica Passport

Why second passport?

Why Dominica?

What are the benefits I will get?

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What are the benefits I will get with Dominica passport and nationality?

  • Dominica citizenship and passport (not only residential permit)
  • Minister of Legal Affairs will personally sign the Certificate of Naturalization authenticating you as a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Permission to live, educate and work in Dominica forever, and easy permit for other countries such as UK
  • Permission to trade real estate and all other legal stuff also in neighbor countries
  • No information to the country of your current citizenship or residency
  • Visa free travel to more than hundred countries and easy visa for others mostly within a day
  • Tax free country, Dominica is a tax haven
  • No army service
  • Freedom to do business with the whole world including US and UK
  • Bank accounts and facilities around the world in the bank of your choice