Obtain Dominica 1st as your second passport and second nationality to become able to travel without visa to 100 countries, live and work in UK easily, do business without paying tax, no forced army and military service, freedom to do business with the whole world, with no limits, with security and privacy

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Get your second citizenship and enjoy visa free travel quickly at Dominica Passport

Why second passport?

Why Dominica?

What are the benefits I will get?

What is the cost and duration?

How can I apply?

Why should I apply here?

More about Dominica

Why Dominica is the best choice?

Dominica is known as the Nature Island of the Caribbean. It's at the utmost natural beauty and untouched. They say it would be the only island that Columbus would recognize if he was to return to the Caribbean now.

Dominica grants fastest and legitimate citizenship and passports.


Please note to not mistake Dominica by Dominican Republic.

  • The lowest cost: The only choice with this low cost
  • Fast process: Quick process. Granting of citizenship and passport from 4 to 12 months.
  • English language: English as an official language.
  • Tax free: Tax-free for many things
  • Visa-Free travel: Travel visa-free to more than one hundred (100) countries
  • Residency Permission: Residency permission in UK and EU as well as Dominica
  • Confidentiality: No information to the country of your current citizenship or residency
  • Validity: (10) years passport validity and to be replaced with cost of USD 45.
  • Dominica is the only country which does not require previous residency background to obtain citizenship. It does not require post citizenship residency as well.
    So you may freely live wherever you like, or live here for the rest of your life. (One time travel to attend interview is required)
  • Dominica offers the citizenship and passport in exchanges to the lowest amount of investment.
  • Obtaining full Naturalization Certificate plus Dominican passport takes 4 to 12 months only.
  • Obtaining passport is along with full citizenship rights and governments cover.
  • Dominica‚Äôs official language is English. Second common language is French.
    So communication is much easier.
  • Dominica is separated from UK and is a Britain Common Wealth country. So the passport has high creditability. Moreover all issues are getting handled by British Embassy wherever Dominica does not have a representative.
  • Your second or third citizenship and new passport is not reported to the country of your current citizenship or residency.
  • Education is in English language and based on British curriculum.
  • The passport itself is valid for ten (10) years and will be renewed for USD45 every time.
  • You can travel visa-free to more than 100 countries, just by having Dominica 1st.
    For the countries which visa is required, obtaining visa is quite easier.
  • Dominica is the key to preserve your wealth in a tax haven. There are no capital gains, gift, wealth and inheritance taxes.
  • Protection of bank accounts, real estate and businesses, both abroad and within your own country.
  • Residential permit is easier to obtain by Dominican citizens wishing to reside in Monaco, Switzerland, Andorra, United Kingdom, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Bahamas and other Caribbean countries.
  • Dominica time zone is equal to New York time zone and the calling prefix is similar to US (+1), so it is the best place to do business with US.
  • Dominica has a democratic government and president is elected by direct people vote.